Big Data Girl


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Question ///

How do you engage and inform anyone about the important topic of Big Data and its impact?

Answer ///

Create a children's book that personifies big data with engaging rhyming structure, playful illustrations and thoughtful metaphor.

Overview ///

Big Data Girl is a short, fun and informative book written for adults and kids alike about Big Data and how it affects our lives each day. It blends the superhuman stories, engaging rhyming structure, playful illustrations and thoughtful metaphor, that children's illustrated books have always used to teach children, to educate everyone on the complex world we live in today.

In the book, we chose to personify Big Data as a little girl who has the power to see all of her friends' data. She goes on a journey to help her friends and discover the limits of her power, from recommending them perfect books based on their reading histories to giving friends perfect birthday presents based on their internet shopping history. However, after some time her kindness leads her to upset some of her friends. They take issue in how she invades their privacy, how she accidentally lets slip sensitive information and how she refuses to limit her power.

Importantly Big Data Girl doesn't try to say Big Data is "bad" or "good". It just explains how it works, how it affects your life and then lets you, the reader, make up your own mind.